Non-Resident Registration (RNI)

Are you staying in the Netherlands for less than 4 months? For example, to work here or because you live abroad for a longer period of time? Then you can register in the Non-Resident Registration (RNI).

You can arrange the application for a Non-Resident Registration personally at the RNI counter in the town hall. You can make an appointment by telephone on +31 (0)546 54 11 11 or online via the button below. Would you like to register more than 4 people at the same time? Then send an email to

We can only help you if you speak Dutch, English or German. Don't you speak any of these languages? Then bring someone with you who can translate for you.


  • This page is for people who want to live or work in the Netherlands for less than 4 months. If you want to stay longer than 4 months you must register as a resident.
  • Are you a refugee from Ukraine? Then you cannot register via the RNI. Call the municipality where you live temporarily for an appointment.

The first step when you arrive in the Netherlands is to register with the Dutch authorities. When you register you will receive a citizen service number (BSN). You need this BSN, for example, for your salary or for health matters. You will be registered in the Non-Resident Registration (RNI) database.

Before you make an appointment at the RNI desk, first fill out the form the registration form in. After you have completed everything, you will receive a QR code. You take this QR code with you to your appointment.

The registration form is available in several languages.


  • If you stay in the Netherlands for less than 4 months and deal with the Dutch government, you are a non-resident. Then you can register at the RNI counter in Almelo town hall or at one of the other 18 RNI counters in the Netherlands. Once you are registered, you will receive a citizen service number (BSN). You will need this number, for example, for your contacts with the Dutch government.
  • The central government provides more information about registration in the RNI.
  • Do you have a residence permit? Then you cannot register via the RNI, but you must register in the municipality where you are staying. You will also receive your BSN here.
  • Do you live abroad and do you need proof that you have emigrated? Then you can have one extract from Registration of Non-Residents (RNI) applications.

At the counter

  • The municipality must determine your identity. That is why you must come in person with your ID. This is only possible by appointment.
  • The municipal employee will ask you a number of questions, for example how long you want to stay in the Netherlands and what your nationality is.
  • The municipal employee will check your identity and whether you are already registered.
  • If everything is approved, the municipality will register you in the RNI.
  • You will receive a citizen service number (BSN) and proof of registration.

In children under 16 years of age

The child and at least 1 parent must accompany you to the appointment.

Take with you:

  • A valid ID of the child.
  • A valid ID of the parent present at registration.
  • An original birth certificate or recognition certificate stating that you are the parent of the child. The deed must be drawn up in Dutch, English, French or German. If the deed is in another language, a translation by one is required sworn interpreter or translator. Also can legalization needed. For documents from the European Union, you do not have to engage a translator yourself. You can request a multilingual model form from the agency that created the document.
  • The QR code that you received after completing the registration form.
  • Your valid ID (passport or ID card).
  • Birth certificate of the child (if you are applying for a BSN for a child under the age of 16).


Extract from Registration of Non-Residents