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The style of Almelo

With 72.000 residents, Almelo is a medium-sized municipality in the Twente region, the most eastern part of the Netherlands, near the German border. Neighbouring towns are Hengelo and Enschede. Almelo is a characteristic town that offers a diversity of shops, schools and businesses. The pleasant city centre and the green surroundings make Almelo an attractive town to visit and to live in.

Yacht Marina in the center of Almelo

Almelo opts for its own style and for growth. But not for more of the same. Which is why we are transforming Almelo into the water metropolis of Twente province and a great and innovative do-city. At the same time the inner city is undergoing a remarkable metamorphosis. Almelo’s population is expected to grow from 72,000 to 85,000 inhabitants. We have space to allow this growth. Numerous projects are giving a face to the slogan ‘Almelo, the new way of living’. City-centre housing, urban-countryside residences and water-rich dwellings on lakes, canals and rivers.

High-tec lenses being produced

Where else in Twente is so much innovation happening in so many areas and with such energy? Almelo is an entrepreneurial city with high-quality companies suppling innovative markets worldwide. Inhabitants, entrepreneurs and local authority are mutually inspiring one another. Almelo’s zest offers opportunities to all.

Historical Residence of the Duke of Almelo

Almelo, the new way of living
In the evening the blue light of the Java Tower lights up. Apparently in competition with the residential blocks of Residentie Fortezza, modern architecture on the same waterline. Standing just as proud are the centuries-old trees growing in a row along the Gravenallee. Witness to a rich history. Almelo is a city of contrasts. Leaving the inner city, within a few seconds you are right in the middle of the green estates of the Earl Van Rechteren Limpurg. Quality that is a distinguishing mark.

girls shopping in center

Stately park residences in the Noorderkwartier, courtyards and small vistas in the De Riet garden suburb, leafy lanes in the Paradijs. Almelo links its rich urban history with attractive new residential opportunities. Water plays a main part in the innovation of the city, such as in Leemslagen or in Waterrijk Almelo on the north side of the city. Lakes invite the recreational sailors. Beaches, an atmospheric yacht marina and an international rowing course. From Waterrijk you will soon be able to sail from your front door to the inner city – but also to the IJsselmeer inland sea. This is exactly what is meant by ”Almelo the new way of living ”.

Water plays a main part in Almelo

Almelo delivers
Saving on aircraft fuel is just one of the pioneering ideas at Aeronamic. Aircraft builder Airbus is showing interest. Almelo’s going for it! And not just in the field of futuristic ‘green’ aircraft. From RAPS, with its revolutionary slap skates, to Sumipro, who supply high-tech lenses for the Galileo satellite and the Hubble space telescope. Every one of them examples of Almelo’s do-industry.

Bolletje factory

The Almelo District Court, the Regge and Dinkel Water Board and the Twenteborg Hospital versus the modern do-industry. Versatility characterises Almelo’s economy. The economy that once flourished thanks to the textile industry has a much wider significance in today’s world. Almelo is home to over sixty very innovative companies with a worldwide network of customers.

The city offers every opportunity for turning ideas into reality. Know-how is never far away. Thanks to the scientists at the Twente University and numerous centres of knowledge and networks and entrepeneural networks. Almelo gives businesses the space they need. For instance, at Buitenhaven West, a new and modern industrial estate with prominent locations. Or at the XL Businesspark Twente industrial estate, right on the A35 motorway. For entrepreneurs with big plans requiring sites of over 2 hectares.

construction of road around Almelo

Almelo, en route
A friendly living room turns into a mini theatre. A small audience listens with bated breath to cabaret singer Maeve van der Steen. A little further down the street, in the fire station, Servus plays excerpts from the ‘Gypsy Baron’. Thirty minutes. Then the audience goes on its way to a new concert or a cabaret. Small performances at unusual locations. The theatre route, once a year, always on the last Saturday evening in September.

Theater street tour in Almelo

Special. Generally unique and always personal. Characteristic of Almelo. In August professional cyclists speed through downtown Almelo during the Profronde race. After the race, top names mingle with the fans. Old friends meet again on one of the squares. No chair remains unoccupied on the café terraces. Just like during the Night of Almelo and the Almelo Harbour Days. But Almelo has more on offer. National productions in the Theaterhotel, art exhibitions in the Kunsthal, amateur plays on stage at HOF88. You want some tapas or Turkish snacks before the performance? Or would you rather lounge to a lazy beat? Café terraces, restaurants, pubs, places to eat or dance – nobody needs to get bored in Almelo.

School of Music Almelo performs

Almelo, good soil
The smell of freshly baked bread hangs in the immense atrium. Girls in chic suits pass a group of lads in tough-guy jackets. Bakers, ships interior builders and people working in the hospitality industry. The Twente ROC (Regional Educational Centre) is a melting pot of youth cultures, activities and education. In as many varieties as the floor has colours.

ROC floor

Almelo is a great city to grow up and develop your talents. For instance in the Secondary School Art Stream at the Erasmus High School: nine hours of art, theatre and presentation skills per week. Sports fanatics challenge eachother at the IISPA, the leading indoor sports complex in Twente. Where top gymnasts from the east of the Netherlands train intensively to take part in the European Championships. Exceptional talents. Like the girl who won the Physics Olympiad. Or Azra Akin, Miss World 2002 and a superstar in Turkey. The cabaret artists Herman and Wilfried. And Wubbo Ockels, the first Dutchman in space. All from Almelo. Good soil. And what about award-winning country singer Ilse de Lange? Or TV presenter Daphne Bunskoek? And TV sports presenter Tom Egbers?

Almelo Approach
In developing Almelo we use 'the Almelo Approach'. The Almelo Approach has three essential components. Collaboration, personal involvement and the guts to choose our own unique style as a city. It matches the Almelo atmosphere. We combine a feeling for historic qualities with an innovative atmosphere. We would be glad to welcome you to our city and tell you more about the Almelo Approach!

Opening of the Nijreessingel road

Core figures about Almelo:

Almelo, Bornerbroek and Aadorp together count 72,323 inhabitants

A total surface area of 69.4 km2 in area, of which 1.97 km2 of water

Geographical position: Lat.52.35  Long. 6.66

Twinned with: Iserlohn (Germany), Preston (United Kingdom) and Denizli (Turkey)

31,220 residences

Until 1795 Almelo was a fiefdom

3 yacht marinas

8,434 people working in industry

Important roads: A1 / A35 / N36 / N349

Almelo – only 45 minutes from Münster / Osnabrück Airport

A 3-hectare statue garden at the Huize Groeneveld estate

Almost 1,000 theatre seats spread over two theatres

Five restaurants reviewed by

500 seats in four cinemas

13,229 pupils in secondary education

29 primary schools

1,845 members of gymnastics clubs

1,140 talented Almelo musicians at the Twente Music School

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